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The Best Worksheets for New Year’s Resolutions

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Looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020? What better way to welcome 2021 than sharing these fantastic worksheets for New Year’s Resolutions?

What are the most common New Year’s resolutions?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a resolution is “a promise that one makes to oneself to start doing something good or to stop doing something bad in the first day of the year”.

Indeed, New Year’s resolutions tend to focus on spending more time with the family, doing more exercise or learning a new skill or language. If, for instance, you are looking to improve your Spanish skills, you might find this article useful!

Why worksheets for New Year’s Resolutions?

These activities have been designed with creative online tools, such as Canva. These worksheets have a purpose: allowing student self-reflection. 2020 challenged both students and teachers in many ways, and it taught us to overcome limitations. Our lives and way of working have massively changed throughout this year. This reflective practice will help your students develop self-awareness, which is a key component of emotional intelligence.

#1. Mis propósitos para el 2021

With this worksheet, our students will be able to practice different verbal tenses, such as the present and the conditional ones. This task focuses primarily on New Year’s resolutions that are suitable for young learners, like learning a new skill or developing their food or musical taste! Depending on your pupils’ needs and level, you can ask them to write some sentences down or draw something related to the objective that appears.

Worksheet for Spanish learners: “Mis propósitos para el 2021”.

#2. El Balance

El Balance will help your students revise the preterite tense and the grammatical structure quiero + infinitive (I want to…). This activity also focuses on making an overall assessment of the previous year before jumping to New Year’s resolutions.

Worksheet El Balance

#3. La Bola de Cristal

If you teach young learners, La Bola de Cristal is probably the best worksheet for New Year’s resolutions. For instance, students can get as creative as they want by drawing their wishes in the crystal ball! They will love this magical design.

La Bola de Cristal

If you liked these designs, you can now download the worksheets for New Year’s resolutions both in Spanish or English for free!

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Happy New Year 2021!

¡Feliz 2021!

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