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10 Great Instagram Accounts to Improve Your Spanish

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Tired of learning Spanish in the traditional way? Make Spanish part of your daily life and start your cultural immersion now! Here you have 10 fantastic Instagram accounts that will help you improve your Spanish level.

Following people from other cultures on social networks is a modern way to enhance your reading skills and broaden your vocabulary. Let’s begin!

#1. La Vecina Rubia (@lavecinarubia)

This Instagram account is one of the most popular in Spain. We barely know anything about La Vecina Rubia (in English, “The Blonde Neighbour”). It’s clear that she is blonde, from Madrid and that she loves fashion. This anonymous woman has become a contemporary icon not only for her humour and witty phrases but also for being an activist in causes such as cancer, rare diseases or animal adoption.

Why is she a good resource to learn Spanish? La Vecina Rubia recently launched an app that teaches simple and easy ways to learn the basics of the Spanish orthography and grammar. Also, she has a grammar-based Instagram account called El Conejito Ortográfico (@elconejitoortografico). Learning Spanish was never so fun!

Escribir es de guapas, a great app to revise Spanish grammar!

#2. 72kilos (@72kilos)

Óscar Alonso is behind @72kilos. He daily posts reflections accompanied by drawings, which are ideal if you’re looking to improve your reading comprehension. But, how did all of this start? Why is his account called 72 kilos?

Two years ago, Alonso made a bet with his friends: Weighing 92 kilos, he promised that he would lose 20 in less than a year. His goal was 72 kilos, hence his artistic name! In order to achieve his objective, he started running and simultaneously drew motivating sketches to encourage himself during this process. After that, he continued drawing about different topics and even published his own book of illustrations.

One of the most popular sketches by @72kilos.

#3. Cocina Con Chia (@cocinaconchia)

Alex Chia is totally blowing up TikTok and Instagram with his videos! Cooking with Alex is easy and fun, and his recipes will make your mouth water in seconds. His account is ideal if you want to train your listening skills, since this young chef speaks super, super fast. What a challenge! Would you be able to follow and carry out recipe in Spanish?

#4. Spain (@spain)

If you are a Spanish learner, the official Instagram account of Spain is a must. Here you will discover natural and urban landscapes, ancient castles and even the remotest places you can imagine. It’s a fantastic source to get closer to the Spanish culture. These stunning photos will only increase your desire to travel to this amazing country. What are you waiting for to follow them?

With its stunning photos, @spain is one of the greatest Spanish Instagram accounts!

#5. Boticaria García (@boticariagarcia)

Now that fake news is more fashionable than ever before, Boticaria García dispels false myths basing her arguments on science and medicine. With her scientific articles, she has gained a place in the field of Health and Food. This pharmacist and nutritionist keeps up to date and informs us using a clear, accessible language. Her Instagram account is a great resource if you want to expand your vocabulary on the topic of health and food.

#6. Sergio Peinado (@sergiopeinadotrainer)

If you are a fitness lover, then stay! Apart from having a very active Instagram account, Sergio also has his own YouTube channel. His videos went viral last year when he helped thousands of Spaniard to keep themselves fit at home. Training with Sergio Peinado is cheap and easy, and he will give you the motivation you need (in Spanish, of course!). Worth following!

#7. Cultura Inquieta (@culturainquieta)

With more than 2 million followers, Cultura Inquieta has become a great place for art lovers. Their Instagram account tackles varied topics, such as cinema, photography, literature or enviornmental sustainability. Cultura Inquieta is perfect for training your reading skills, as it will bring you closer to contemporary Spanish poetry and artists.

One of the illustrations you can find on @culturainquieta

#8. Cultura Positiva (@culturapositiva)

This Instagram account will definitely give you good vibes! Cultura Positiva is perfect if you are looking for a good dose of positive energy. Sometimes we need to be reminded about the beautiful things around us, right? Cultura Positiva provides us with short and simple reflections, which are a nice and quick way to improve your reading skills.

#9. Postureo Español (@postureoespanol)

The term postureo is a neologism that was coined very recently. It’s used on social media to refer to the artificial or unnatural pose that some people adopt online. In this way, Postureo Español is one of the greatest humoristic Instagram accounts that portrays some of the weirdest Spanish customs or habits. They also share viral tweets or videos. Laughs guaranteed!

#10. No Panic Spanish (@nopanicspanish)

Of course, you couldn’t miss our account! In No Panic Spanish we share articles, common expressions and facts about the Spanish language and culture.

Have you ever wondered why we use double question and exclamation marks; the origin of the letter ñ, or even why the Spanish language is so popular nowadays? In No Panic Spanish we try to give an answer in an easy but interesting way.

That’s a wrap! Go check out these Spanish Instagram accounts and take the next steps in your learning journey.

¡Hasta luego!

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